Mobile Robot

Mobile Robot

Day 1:
Morning Session:

Introduction to Robotics: A brief overview of robotics and its applications in various industries.
Introduction to Mobile Robot Base: An introduction to the Mobile Robot Base, its components, and capabilities.
Safety Precautions: A discussion of the necessary safety precautions when working with the Mobile Robot Base.

Afternoon Session:

Navigation Software: An overview of the Navigation Software used for the Mobile Robot Base.
Basic Navigation: Hands-on training on basic navigation using the Mobile Robot Base and the Navigation Software.
Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting common issues with the Mobile Robot Base and Navigation Software.

Day 2:
Morning Session:

Advanced Navigation: Hands-on training on advanced navigation using the Mobile Robot Base and the Navigation Software.
Payload Integration: An introduction to Payload Integration and its application with the Mobile Robot Base.
Case Study: A case study of the Mobile Robot Base’s application in a real-world scenario.

Afternoon Session:

Programming: An introduction to programming the Mobile Robot Base using the Navigation Software.
Group Project: Dividing the participants into groups to work on a project that demonstrates the skills learned during the training.
Final Assessment: A final assessment to test the participants’ knowledge and skills learned during the training.

Note: The training schedule may vary depending on the participants’ level of knowledge and skill, and the company’s specific requirements. It is also important to consider the type and model of the Mobile Robot Base being used and adjust the training accordingly.

The cost of the course is $1250 per person, and the course date is not fixed yet. Please send an email to for further information. A minimum of 5 participants is required to attend the course.

There is a $255 discount for those who enroll before August 1st, 2023. Moreover, to encourage further exploration of mobile robotics applications after the training, one set of starter kits comprising Magni Silver robot base with lidar and Navigation-Lite software will be provided to organizations that send five or more participants for this course.

To register, please fill out the attached form and send it via email. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us at 65 68412311 or email:

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